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Monday, September 14, 2009

About EarthShare
What We Do
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Frequently Asked Questions

Founded by its member charities in 1988, EarthShare is an opportunity for caring employees and workplaces to support hundreds of environmental charities through workplace giving campaigns. A workplace giving campaign is an annual, employer-sponsored program that lets employees make a charitable donation through payroll contribution.

The EarthShare Difference: you don't have to choose between caring for public health or our air, water, land or wildlife. Just one gift through EarthShare can support them all. Every year, EarthShare raises funds for more than 400 community, national and international member charities in hundreds of campaigns at public and privates sector workplaces across the country.

Today EarthShare represents 39 national organizations and hundreds of local groups in 18 affiliate states. EarthShare's member charities work hard every day to safeguard your health, our quality of life and the natural resources we depend on. All of these efforts are supported by EarthShare's mission: To engage individuals and organizations in creating a healthy and sustainable environment.


Our goal is to be your trusted and proven way to support America's most respected environmental and conservation charities, whether it's through your workplace or online.

You can feel good about your decision to give through EarthShare. EarthShare practices financial transparency and earned the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance Accredited Charity ranking. A BBB accredited charity is an organization that meets all 20 of the BBB Standards for Charity Accountability based on a review of information and materials.

Our Summary of Financial Activities, Conflict of Interest Policy, and our Guidestar financial profile and 990s are available for public review. (search "EarthShare").

How does EarthShare work?
EarthShare manages workplace giving campaigns for its national environmental charities and raises critical funds for them. In EarthShare's payroll contribution drives at the workplace, employees may pledge a small amount of each paycheck to help solve environmental problems. EarthShare also distributes online donations to its member charities.

Why workplace giving?
Workplace giving programs allow employees to make regular donations to eligible charities through a payroll system. A workplace giving program is an easy way for employers to help communities and address important issues impacting our country and the world. The charities involved have the advantage of receiving stable, regular funding with little or no administrative costs.

Employees benefit, too:
Rather than write one big check to your favorite charity each year that may really wallop your wallet, you can support your favorite charities throughout the year in small, painless increments via your paycheck!
Because it's so painless to give this way, people tend to give more generously.
Payroll contribution gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

You can learn more about the benefits of workplace giving here.

What causes can I support through EarthShare?
EarthShare's member charities represent a wide array of environmental issues and one general donation to EarthShare can touch all of these causes. On the other hand, if you have a preference you may direct your gift to one or more specific member organizations. The choice is yours.

How much of my donation goes to the member charities?
EarthShare has one of the lowest overheads of any comparable federation. Only 4.9% of our budget goes to administrative and fundraising costs; the remainder, 95.1%, goes directly to support our member charities. Overhead rates vary from state to state for campaigns including EarthShare's state affiliates.

How does EarthShare qualify its member charities?
EarthShare requires applicant organizations to meet 17 different criteria before they're considered for membership. Our strict eligibility criteria were established so donors could be sure EarthShare represents outstanding charities that operate with the highest possible ethical and professional standards. All current members undergo annual reviews to ensure their continued adherence to our membership requirements.

What's next - how do I get involved?
You can help introduce EarthShare to your U.S.-based workplace! We are here to help you, whether you're an employee or employer. Just contact us at or at 800.875.3863. Or, if you'd like to help now, you can make a tax-deductible, secure online donation to the charity or charities of your choice!