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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Woodland MTV Ecolution : Plant a Tree

Woodland MTV Ecolution : Plant a Tree

Woodland & MTV have kick-started Ecolution – our first digital CSR initiative which envisions a greener India. This movement aims to develop an eco-conscience in you. The idea is simple - for every tree planted online, we will plant one on the ground.

India has 68 million hectares of forest - the 10th largest in the world. The government's National Action Plan aims to expand forest cover from the current 23% to 33% of India's territory. That would require India to afforest of 6 million hectares of degraded forest land.

We have partnered with the NGO GiveIndia, to kick-start a plantation drive that will help change the face of India's green cover. So get started, plant a tree now. Make a difference for a better tomorrow

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making Private forests for the poor and old age persons

I have an idea of making private forests for the poor and old age persons, destitutes who can grow trees for the world. Tree growing old age homes are the concepts which I want to develop in India and working towards it.

Tree Planting is the only way to save planet from the natural requirements. Tree Planting is Billion dollar Idea.

Let us convert 'Sahara Desert' into 'Sahara Forest'. Let us convert all deserts into forests.